Veramine Incorporation, specialized in building cybersecurity endpoint products, has been awarded annual contracts from U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Airforce, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (recommending Veramine as a platform for financial and banking sector), ANZ Bank, and other important customers… Veramine offers a best-value 3-in-1 suite of products with best performance, where many elite features are packaged into 1 single super-lightweight sensor (averaged about 1% CPU and 20 MB RAM). The suite can be On-premise or Cloud, and for SOC, that can be the best defense against cyber incidents both externally and internally.
The attackers will never stop innovating. Neither will we.
To stay one step ahead of today’s ever-evolving threats, enterprises and public sector organizations alike need a security partner that can keep pace with the expanding attack surface. TrapX has become the leader in cyber Deception because we not only help security teams successfully detect and counter an active attack, we also help them learn about their adversaries and better prepare for attacks in the future.
Automated security for every purposeSecure your applications and networks with the industry’s only vulnerability management platform to combine XDR, SAST, DAST and mobile security.
Industry-Leading Cross-Platform DLP Discover, monitor, and protect your sensitive data with Endpoint Protector, advanced multi-OS data loss prevention.
Smarter, Stronger, Faster…Autonomous.
Cybersecurity that prevents threats at faster speed, greater scale,
and higher accuracy than humanly possible. We are XDR.
Defend your organization against threats. Defend yourself against complexity.
Digital Defense’s best-in-class vulnerability management and threat assessment platform: cloud-native, built for ease of use, committed to the highest level of performance and accuracy.
Cymulate is a world-leading company in Breach & Attack Simulation technology. Founded by an elite team of former Israel Defense Forces intelligence officers and leading cyber researchers with world-class experience in offensive cyber solutions, Cymulate combines  vast expertise in cyber simulation technology with extensive field experience to mimic the latest and most sophisticated cyber-attacks. Cymulate employs software-as-a-service applications to simulate the myriad tactics and strategies employed by hackers to attack network and endpoint security infrastructures. Cymulate helps companies stay one step ahead of cyber attackers with a unique breach and attack simulation platform that empower organizations with complex security solutions made easy to safeguard their digital assets and maintain business continuity. With Cymulate, organizations can assess their true readiness to handle cyber security threats effectively. Cymulate was named a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s May 2018 “Cool Vendors in Application and Data Security” report.
HelpSystems, LLC is an American Eden Prairie, MN-based IT software company, focus on two of the biggest pain points in IT today: security and automation. HelpSystems has built a suite of best-in-class solutions that make security simpler and more effective and consolidate and automate IT infrastructure.
Secure Sensitive Data Everywhere It Goes
Your data will travel. Shouldn’t your security? Vera is powerful digital rights management software for ultimate data protection.
Data Loss Prevention, Redefined.
We enable organizations to detect, inspect and secure critical data through our industry‑leading Data Loss Prevention solutions across email, web, and the cloud.
DStop Phishing and BEC Attacks
Enterprises worldwide protect their employees and customers with Trusted Email Identity from Agari.
Advance.AI an Asia’s leading fraud and risk management company with head-quarter in Singapore and offices over 9 other countries. The company’s e-KYC and anti-fraud solutions have been used widely over 200 leading organizations, with over 200 millions access. By using advanced AI and Big Data technologies, ADVANCE.AI brings the next generation data centric platforms to transform the financial services industry in Asia.
Patented Application Protection Solution for your Business
Protect your applications from known and unknown threats which can damage your
brand image and lead to financial loss.
Invicti provides website security solutions.
Invicti is currently the owner of two of the most powerful website vulnerability scanning solutions today, Acunetic and Netsparker.